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About Legion Organization
Legion Organization welcomes you to our Guild site! Anyone is welcome to apply, but please review the rules below:

  • Quality before Quantity! We prefer a smaller guild and will refrain from mass recruiting or spamming general chat to recruit! Would much rather talk to interested players one on one.
  • We are an Adults Only guild, please be 18 or older.
  • We are mostly a social guild for a small group of friends, but we can grow as we need.
  • We use Team Speak 3 and request that even if you can't speak to us, you at least log in to listen when needed for group activity.
  • We are a low to no drama guild and are here to have fun - not stress - so lets keep it that way!
  • Please respect the guild tag, members and other players. If you are inclined to verbally insult other players, then this guild may not be for you.
  • We ask that all members try to be active and contributing to the group as a whole. Whether that is in game or making suggestions on the forums, we welcome all suggestions and input!
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mattaul, Areanna1, or Thonmontoya.
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